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By Carolyn Evans-Dean

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About the Bystander Series

Bystander, NY was the kind of place that people only found by accident after making a few wrong turns on their way to someplace more important. There were no highways or major thoroughfares, just a few crooked roads that eventually led down to the village square. It looked like a place that time forgot; with Tarlick’s General Store, a non-denominational church, the grange, the Beer & Jeer bar, the volunteer fire station and an old brick horse trough planted with annual flowers being the only highlights of the town’s center.

For a city-bred woman like Ellie Richardson, Bystander was the perfect place to start over after the death of her husband. Self-discovery paves the way for a little romance, a lot of healing and business success in her newly adopted small town. Unfortunately, the calm of small town living will be shattered, forcing everyone to rely upon themselves and each other for survival.

I hope that you enjoy the multi-book saga as it unfolds. Each subsequent story will be told from the perspective of one woman’s experience in and around the fictional town of Bystander, NY.

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